The Importance of Reading to Your Child

14 Feb 2023

The Importance of Reading to Your Child

There are so many amazing and powerful benefits that both you and your child can gain from reading together regularly. Whether you’re reading a lengthy classic novel, or a short children’s book, it’s so important to invest some time to read with your child. We’ve put together some of the benefits of reading to your child and why it is such a worthwhile activity to encourage.

So, why is reading so important in the early years?

  • Helps parent and child bonding
  • Assists in developing cognitive and language skills
  • Sparks creativity and imagination
  • Increases social and emotional development
  • It develops a lifelong love of learning

Read on to find out more.

It helps parent and child bonding

Taking the time to read with your little one helps to develop and nurture your parent and child bond. Storytime offers a fantastic opportunity for your child to unwind, feel close to you, and enjoy your full attention.

Assists in developing cognitive and language skills

Reading and sharing stories can help your child to learn new sounds and words, which in turn assists in development of their language skills. By hearing about new characters, types of animals or different plants, this will enhance their cognitive skills such as problem solving and attention span.

Sparks creativity and imagination

Books can take you anywhere you want to go! They open new worlds, concepts, and characters to your child. When reading to your child, you are helping them to think outside the box and are continuously feeding their imagination. An increased imagination helps children develop interests and ideas, as well as assisting with their emotional wellbeing.

Increases social and emotional development

Reading books can be an excellent way to help teach children how to understand and cope with difficult or stressful situations such as: their first day at nursery or school. By reading to your child about these topics, it helps get the conversation started and demonstrates to your little one that their feelings are completely normal, that there is nothing to worry about and lots to look forward too!

Develops a lifelong love of learning

When children read from an early age, it provides them with the tools to become better listeners, readers, and communicators – preparing them for future education and life experiences. This inspires a lifelong love of learning, which will support their performance in school and beyond!

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