A ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating for The Wishing Tree Children’s Nursery in Brighton

22 May 2024

A ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating for The Wishing Tree Children’s Nursery in Brighton

The staff teams at the Wishing Tree day nursery in Brighton, part of Grandir UK, are happy to announce that they have achieved ‘Good’ in their latest inspection with Ofsted!

On 7th February, the day nursery that provides high quality childcare solutions to families with babies and toddlers achieved ‘Good’ across all areas of inspection including Quality of Education, Behaviour & Attitudes, Personal Development, and Leadership & Management.

Here’s some of highlights from Wishing Tree nursery’s last inspection report:

Successfully Crafted Development Opportunities

From their latest inspection, the report noted that children at Wishing Tree nursery have a wide variety of opportunities to develop their physical skills through their inspiring learning environments.

‘Children improve their balance and strengthen core muscles as they stretch their bodies into yoga poses.’

The manager at Wishing Tree in Brighton was said to have created an early years curriculum that is ‘engaging, ambitious and well sequenced’, nurturing nursery and pre school children to reach their full potential.

The nursery teams have great, childcare knowledge and create the next steps in their learning that build successfully on what the child already knows. The report said that this helps all children to make steady progress from their starting points.

Children can learn through play!

The children at the Wishing Tree nursery school in Brighton are able to practise their fine motor skills by exploring new materials and tools through the day nursery’s enriched and unique range of education programmes.

The inspector commented that children ‘squeeze, pound and manipulate clay and use pipettes to distribute water’ which all helps refine their motor skills.

Childcare follows an effective daily plan

The children within this childcare provision benefit from a consistent routine, according to the Ofsted report.

Staff break the day into small chunks, helping children gain an understanding of ‘now’ and ‘next’, helping them feel secure.

Children learn to be independent

The nursery staff at Wishing Tree nursery create regular opportunities to help develop the little ones independence.

The report noted that ‘babies learn to respond to their own care needs as staff support them to wipe their own noses with the aid of mirrors.’

Older children enjoy additional responsibility as they set up areas for mealtimes, gathering plates and cutlery from the kitchen and laying the table.

Little ones engaged in regular discussions about equality and diversity

‘During story time, staff encourage children to explore their similarities and differences,’ states the latest inspection report.

Children are able to identify that some of them were born in Brighton, whereas others were born in another county or country. These discussions encourage children to explore their views in a respectful and safe environment. This helps children develop acceptance, as well as a secure sense of self.

Parents confidently left children in staff’s care

The inspector noted that the wonderful nursery team and parents have a great partnership, which also extends to third party professionals, ‘creating a consistent approach that supports children’s learning.’

Parents receive regular updates on their children’s progress and any staff changes, policies and routines. Wishing Tree nursery parents say that their ‘children are happy and make good progress during their time at the setting.’

Lucy Chapman, Nursery Manager at the Wishing Tree nursery and pre school in Brighton, comments…

‘I’m so proud of my nursery team! We have all worked together to get this ‘Good’ Ofsted result, and I’m so glad that the level of early years care we provide to help our children flourish and grow has been recognised.’

Wishing Tree nursery and pre school has a stellar reputation in the local area, having a home-from-home feel with a large secure garden, set in a former family home in Carden Avenue next to Withdean Park in the northern suburbs of Brighton within close proximity to bus and train links.

Leave your child within Grandir UK’s capable hands!

Find out more about what early years childcare solutions Wishing Tree nursery school and pre school on Carden Avenue, Brighton in East Sussex can provide on the Grandir UK website.

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