About us

Our values

Grandir UK was founded in 1998 upon wholly ethical ideals to promote quality day nursery provision. Our organisation is committed to delivering outstanding childcare solutions to families with babies, toddlers and preschool children.

This encompasses the environmentally friendly nurseries we accommodate and design, the team members we employ, the food we serve, and the policies and procedures to which we adhere.

Importantly, it also includes our policy of communicating openly with all parents who entrust their children into our care – this is our promise to you.

Who we are and what we do

Our mission

Proud to provide exceptional education and care.

Our vision

Our vision focuses on growing our children, our people, and our business.

Growing our children

We’re here to guide and nurture your little one through the earliest stages of their development. We make sure that when in our care your child has the best opportunity to learn, grow and thrive, not only for school – but for life! Our educational programmes and our ME model supports this.

Growing our people

We recognise the clear link between well-qualified, enthusiastic staff and high-quality childcare and education for your child. That’s why we employ, nurture and develop the very best people within the Early Years sector. We provide continuous training opportunities for all of our staff, ensuring that you can be confident in the knowledge that your child is in the best hands.

Growing our business

We are constantly growing and extending the branches of our Grandir UK family tree. All nurseries that are part of Grandir UK are hand-picked or purpose-built nurseries and guarantees that the care, play and learning environment for your child is exceptional. 

Our Values – Children are at the centre of all we do

Parent partnerships are of primary importance to us. We give parents and carers every opportunity to be involved in nursery life and to fully understand how their child progresses and develops within our nurseries.


We truly care and are passionate, knowledgeable, and reflective; aspiring to achieve excellence.


We are an extension and an integral part of the family unit, having a strong, supporting and valuable presence in a child’s early years.


We value all within our staff teams, investing in their development and inspiring their minds to in turn inspire the minds of children.


We aspire to be leaders and experts in all matters concerning childcare and development.


We are solution focused, working together to develop and support every child’s future.