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Food and nutrition

We take great pride in serving up tasty and nutritious food to the babies and children in our care. All food is prepared on-site by our qualified nursery chefs who provide fresh and varied options for each age group.
  • Our nursery menus are produced with the guidance of registered dietician
  • We cater for all individual dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan
  • Our traffic light system keeps mealtimes safe and fun for little one’s with allergies
  • Four week rolling menus are for each season to keep mealtimes interesting
  • Meals include varied textures and flavours to encourage children to try new foods
  • A great opportunity for children to learn about taking turns andtable etiquette

Mealtime in the Baby Unit is a perfect relationship-building opportunity for child and carer. Our practitioners always ensure that the type, consistency, and portion size is just right for your baby. We have a specific baby menu to cater for every stage of the weaning process which also follows the traffic light system to ensure every child’s safety.

For our 2 – 5-year-olds we see mealtimes as an important opportunity for social interaction and a tool for building confidence and independence.

Our on-site chef caters to every child’s needs and our dedicated practitioners are vigilant with our traffic light system. This system consists of a simple but effective method. Whereby, any child with allergies has their meals served on a red plate that is covered and names. A child with specific preferences has their meals served on a yellow plate that is covered and names. Whereas children with no allergies or preferences have their meals served on green plates.

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