Lend a Hand and volunteer for 2024’s Big Help Out!

3 Jun 2024

Lend a Hand and volunteer for 2024’s Big Help Out!

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get involved?

The Big Help Out is back! And aligning with Volunteers Week this year, is taking place on Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June.

As a corporate, social and responsible organisation, we are helping spread the word about the Big Help Out – the UK’s biggest volunteering event!

What is the Big Help Out?

Each year, more and more volunteers are needed to help support community groups and organisations.

The Big Help Out aims to raise awareness about volunteering throughout the UK and is a platform for previous and new volunteers to discover how rewarding giving back can be, by lending a hand to cause they love and by making an impact within their local communities.

Whether you can spare an hour or a day, volunteering can inspire change, bring communities together and really make a difference! You may even inspire more people to volunteer too.

You can also use the Big Help Out campaign to recruit volunteers for your businesses, charities and organisations too!

What we are doing at Grandir UK?

With many of our staff teams based all across the country, we are fully supporting any volunteering opportunities our teams would like to get involved with, whether that is individually or as part of a team.

We are offering a morning or afternoon out of our staff’s working hours to support the Big Help Out initiative. This has been offered to all our Support Office and Field Based staff who would like to lend a hand, and we are excited to see what activities and events our volunteers have offered up their skills for!

What it means to be corporate socially responsible business

At Grandir UK, we are taking steps every day to work towards our corporate socially responsible initiatives like the Big Help Out volunteer opportunities.

This includes reducing the impact of our carbon footprint, reducing our waste, implementing better travel arrangements for the environment, and giving back to our local communities.

Already, we’ve taken actions within our nurseries to offer whatever support we can to better the environment and lending a helping hand to those in life who need it most.

This ranges from visiting and volunteering at local care homes to spend quality time with older people, getting our young people to plant flower gardens within their nurseries to provide pollen for the bees, to donating excess food to local food banks for those who need it, and so much more!

As a group of nurseries and preschools, we have the privileged of shaping the next generation of young people. By informing our children of environmental and sustainable practices, we can empower them to make informed choices with more confidence and encourage them to be mindful and caring towards the world they live in and their local area.

Children cleaning up the environment on earth day

Interested? Here’s how can you can take part!

The Big Help Out is available to anyone and everyone who would like to lend a hand! Whether you are a business, school or individual.

Simply download the Big Help Out app in the app store, register for an event or activity near you and save the date to attend. Each event or activity of interest has more information on the date, time needed, location, what you would need to bring and details of what you’ll be doing.

The Big Help Out centres around the weekend of Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June, but the app includes activities across the whole of June too!

To recruit volunteers for your own initiatives, simply go to the Big Help Out website and complete a form to upload your event or activity to the app and maximise your volunteer recruitment across the country.

You can choose from a variety of volunteering opportunities that suit your interests and availability – From helping the scouts to animal welfare, from health care charities to environmental sustainability, there’s something for everyone!

Ready to Make a Change?

Join us! Discover the benefits volunteering can bring to others wellbeing. We hope this inspires you to get involved and focus on making a difference in your local community.

If you are registering for any volunteering opportunities, we would love to hear about it and celebrate your volunteering with you.

Email your experiences and photos, where you are based and which nursery your little one attends to [email protected] so we can share all the hard work you’ve done supporting your local community.

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