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Welcome to our Grandir UK family where we grow together!

Grandir UK is the home of multiple nursery brands across the United Kingdom and has been delivering outstanding childcare solutions to families with babies, toddlers and preschool children for over 25 years in Essex, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, London, Midlands, Surrey, Sussex and South West.

Our story

A bit about us


  • Over 80 day nurseries and preschools across the UK
  • Over 5,000 families supported on a daily basis
  • 2,000+ employees
  • Awarded Top 20 day nursery group in the UK for the last 8 years
  • Support Office in Hampshire
  • Adult Learning Centre based in Northamptonshire

We are part of the Grandir group, a leading provider of high-quality childcare operating over 650 centres in Europe and North America, with a dedicated team of 10,000 teachers. Grandir serves over 32,000 families among Fortune 500 companies and in major cities in France, England, Germany, Canada and the USA. As a group, we have a vast amount of experience delivering solutions for both B2B and B2C clients/customers.


Let’s Grow Together

Grandir is a French verb meaning ‘to grow’. This resonates through our purpose and vision of growing our people, growing our children and growing our business by providing affordable high-quality childcare to local communities.

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