Kiddi Caru Parent Poem

7 Apr 2020

Kiddi Caru Parent Poem

The decision was made, back to work I’d go

A nursery to find to help him grow

We’d looked here, there and everywhere

But nowhere seemed right, “he can’t go there”


One summer day in 2017

We walked into a place we’d never been

New rooms, new toys, many a new face

But in that instant, we knew this was the place


His very first day in Jade room

I turned away with a feeling of doom

But with Ann, Kirsty and Emily there

I knew it was a time I’d be able to bear


Friendly smiles and a reassuring look

It dawned on us it was the right step we took

Before very long it became so clear

Our little boy would love it here


We knew we weren’t wrong

Watching him being cheered along

Hearing stories of fun, learning and play

It was clear he was nurtured every step of the way


Then one day when he’d driven me mad,

Ann took me in, “don’t feel bad”

With kind words and a warm smile

She’d always went that extra mile


Onto Sapphire room he went

A transition date we were sent

Another change, “how will he cope?”

The staff in there filled us with hope


It was in this room they helped him to talk

He’d ran into nursery, no longer walk

He had a few struggles and challenges too

But you dealt with him great and he trusted you


Thank you to Georgia who he loves to cuddle

You care and are patient when he’s in a muddle

Melissa nurtured his quirkier ways

And saw him through some trickier days


By the time he had to move upstairs

The nursery had shown how much everyone cares

Diamond room took him on journeys new

Creative play, imaginary worlds too


Thank you to Becky who held his hand

You took him to a whole new land

You taught him to share, even write his name

Allowed him to be different not always the same


I remember the day he didn’t wave

He was clearly settled so I had to be brave

I loved our way home, with talk of his day

All the things he’d done in an amazing way


When we heard the words “pre-school already”

We suddenly realised he was totally ready

You made sure he was happy and fully prepared

We saw him charge in not worried or scared!


Once again, he came across Rochelle

He loved her dancing and fun stories to tell

Thank you to Tina, Charlene and Sue

You’ve helped him grow each day through


Here he met Sam and her Boogie Mites

She let him shine and turned on his lights

Her effort and care when he found things tough

We’ll never be able to thank you quite enough


There are no words or even a place to start

Kiddi Caru has a special place in his heart

Although names we’ve mentioned just a few

A million times we could thank each of you


He can now walk away with his head held high

Because of these early years he’s ready to fly

You’ve set him up for his life ahead

“I loved it there” are the words he said


Whatever challenges in life he faces

Because of the nursery he’ll win those races

It’s time to move on but we know he’ll stand tall

Thank you thank you, we’ll miss you all.

– Thank you to our lovely family at Kiddi Caru Wellingborough who created this poem for the nursery team.