Kiddi Caru Day Nursery takes another step further to becoming an eco nursery in Redhill!

17 Jun 2024

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery takes another step further to becoming an eco nursery in Redhill!

The team and children at Kiddi Caru day nursery and preschool in Redhill, Surrey could not be happier to achieve their very own Green Flag award this year, taking one step closer to be an eco nursery in Redhill!

Encouraging all our nurseries to look after the environment and see the awe and wonder of the natural world is something we priorities at Grandir UK. We find teaching our children about environmental and sustainable practices empowers them to make informed choices as they grow.

What is this Award?

Eco-Schools is an organisation that engages all ages across both nursery and school settings to make big and small steps to tackle environmental issues and protect our planet.

The Eco-Schools programme offers a straightforward, seven-step framework that empowers young people to make a real difference in their school, local community, and beyond!

Since 1994, millions of children worldwide have followed the Eco-Schools Seven Steps framework, earning the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag in the process.

Children at nursery, preschool or school immerse themselves within three or more of the Ten Eco-Schools Topics. These topics break down broad, global issues, like climate change, into more manageable, focused themes, encouraging young people to consider and implement environmental changes in their schools and daily lives.

Whether is implementing a recycling regime or setting up a forest school, there are many ways young minds can make an impact to better the world around them!

What did Kiddi Caru Redhill do?

According to the report, Kiddi Caru day nursery and preschool in Redhill, Surrey provided a ‘masterclass’ in environment education.

The day care provider’s three curriculum examples were noted as both practical and fun, with real life context that all children at the nursery and preschool could engage with.

Here’s a break down of what they did to get this Eco-School Green Flag Award:

Sharing knowledge

The nursery went above and beyond to teach their little ones all about our planet and how important it is to look after it.

This early knowledge of environment awareness will help cultivate love for our world for life!

The children took part in many eco committee meetings and shared their input of how they would like to implement eco-friendly action within their nursery.

Planting an eco garden

The staff and children put in so much time and effort to create a nursery garden on their day care premises.

Like a forest school, a nursery garden ensures that education is centred around taking care of nature and the environment.

Growing plants and produce in their garden provides a calming activity that can bring a massive benefit to a child’s mental health. This activity also teaches them responsibility and the importance of looking after something on a regular basis, and the act of digging, watering and planting can help develop their fine motor skills to help them prepare for school.

Celebrating the environment

Kiddi Caru day nursery and preschool based in Surrey have been showcasing all their hard work by creating an eye-catching eco-board within their nursery setting.

Throughout their eco journey, they have made changes to their action plan here and there to fully maximum their environment impact, adding greater success and increasing the children’s enthusiasm.

A long side creating their eco board, the children and staff at the nursery created an punchy, easy to read and remember Eco-Code which beloved by the Eco-Schools team:

“We love this simplicity, which is exactly what is needed in an early years environment.”

Tara Coulson, Nursery Manager at Kiddi Caru Redhill, comments…

“The children, team and I are so proud to have achieved our Eco-School Green Flag award!

“This award is exactly what is needed in Redhill, Surrey: An nursery that puts emphasis on the environment and eco-friendly action.

“I want to thank my hardworking and knowledgeable team, our parents and families for their support, and most importantly, the children who made passion really drove this project.”

Being Environmentally Aware & Responsible at Grandir UK

At Grandir UK, caring for the environment and promoting sustainability are just as crucial as the day care we provide!

Our commitment to this initiative is reflected in all the activities we offer at our nurseries. From a forest school setting to and Eco-School accredited, our nurseries play a massive part of the eco-friendly action we can provide.

In all our nurseries, we offer an educational programme that truly embodies eco action: ‘Environmental Aware & Responsible.’

This educational programme aims to inspire the younger generation to make informed decisions for a more environmentally friendly and better world.

Our Sow & Grow module embodies these values, encouraging children to spend time outdoors, learn how to grow various plants and produce, and experience the wonder of nature at all of our nurseries.

The physical development fostered by our ‘Sow & Grow’ programme supports children as they transition to school and beyond. Additionally, it enhances their social interaction with peers and other young people to help them prepare for school.

We are absolutely delighted that the Kiddi Caru Day Nursery & Preschool in Redhill, Surrey has achieved their Green Flag award!

Well done to all the children and staff at Kiddi Caru Redhill, Surrey!

For more information on our Kiddi Caru Day Nursery & Preschool in Redhill, Surrey and all their eco-friendly, fun activities, check out their nursery page!