Dicky Birds Day Nursery on Maple Road: Grandir UK’s first Ofsted Outstanding nursery in London!

19 Jun 2024

Dicky Birds Day Nursery on Maple Road: Grandir UK’s first Ofsted Outstanding nursery in London!

Dicky Birds Day Nursery and Preschool on Maple Road are Grandir UK’s first Ofsted Outstanding nursery in Surbiton, London!

Getting the highest Ofsted rating is a true testament to the outstanding, full day care and education this nursery team provides, and showcases that they are one of the best nurseries in the London area all the way from Kingston Upon Thames to Richmond.

Let’s dive into the key, outstanding aspects from their latest inspection report which really shows what makes this nursery and preschool a great place to be:

Fostering children’s independence

One of the standout features that makes Dicky Birds, Maple Roads an outstanding nursery school is its emphasis on nurturing independence in children.

The Ofsted report praises the nursery for how children confidently manage their own care routines.

Mealtimes are great example of this, as all children are taught to wash their own hands and faces before and after eating. Older ones are encouraged to serve themselves and pour their own drinks, and even take on the task of cleaning their plates and cutlery, fostering a sense of autonomy and responsibility within the environment.

These practices are more than just routine tasks, they are essential life skills that will benefit children in their future endeavours at school and beyond!

By allowing children to take charge of their own care, the nursery instils confidence and independence from a young age, preparing them for the next stages of their personal development.

Building strong parent partnerships

The nursery school excels in keeping parents informed and involve them in their children’s development.

Regular updates about their child’s progress keeps families in the loop, and the nursery team provides take home resource bags for little ones to continue their learning at home.

The nursery also invites all of their families to nursery events, which are designed to build relationships among parents, staff, and children, creating a strong sense of community.

Families have been so grateful for these events, saying that it helps their little one feel more secure and gives a sense of belonging within the nursery.

The strong partnerships are crucial in creating a supportive and nurturing environment for each and every child, and truly makes this an outstanding provider.

A well supported and knowledgeable nursery team

The true testament to this nursery being outstanding, is due to the dedication of the and confident staff team.

The Ofsted report highlights the outstanding support provided to the team members, which has resulted in them being highly knowledgeable.

Staff members have access to excellent learning opportunities, enabling them to stay abreast of the best practices in early years education.

The manager plays a pivotal role in providing a supportive environment, ensuring that staff feel valued and equipped to fulfil their roles.

The strong leadership and the continuous professional development of the staff mean that children receive high-quality support for their learning and development.

Staff provide a harmonious and productive learning environment, which shows how effective the nursery’s teamwork is.

Jade Candy, Nursery Manager at Dicky Birds Day Nursery on Maple Road, Surbiton, says…

‘We are over the moon to be rated outstanding by Ofsted!

‘The team and I have put in a lot of time and effort into our nursery school to make it the best it can possibly be, and no one deserves to receive this result other than my hard working team!

‘I’m proud to offer an outstanding level of care, allowing our children to grow and thrive for school and beyond!

A massive thank to my team, our supportive families and the very best children, who made this all possible.’

This outstanding achievement not only highlights the excellent practices currently in place, but also sets a high standard for early years education within the Surbiton community.

Congratulations to the entire team at Dicky Birds, Maple Road on this well-deserved outstanding recognition!

Are you looking for your little one to start nursery?

Our now outstanding Dicky Birds Day Nursery & Preschool on Maple Road, Surbiton offers full day care options within a home-from-home setting in between the Kingston Upon Thames and Richmond area.

For more information visit their nursery page on the Grandir UK website. To find the perfect time to visit, contact our Parent Engagement Team today!

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