Fun Natural Winter Crafts for Young Children | Kiddi Caru

1 Dec 2020

Fun Natural Winter Crafts for Young Children | Kiddi Caru

Get into the Festive Spirit with these amazing natural craft ideas for you to carry out with your little one! We all know the Winter months do not offer the best weather conditions, but our activities will have your family out hunting for natural treasures to create your masterpieces, no matter the temperature.

Christmas Twig Tree Decoration

Wrap your family up warm and head out into your local wooded area or park to collect a variety of different twigs. Take them home and make sure to clean them up and sand off any sharp edges before offering them to you child. Encourage your little one to put the twigs into descending length order, helping them to develop their mathematical skills. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy the sensory experience of feeling the twigs texture, expanding their vocabulary along the way.

Ask your little one to select the longest twig and lay it out flat as the trunk of your Christmas Twig Tree. Then, starting at the base of the tree, ask them to take the second longest twig and lay it vertically on top of the trunk and wind the string around the two twigs in an ‘X’ shape. Do the same with the other twigs all the way to the top. All the while, your little one will be working their fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. Once the tree is full, all you need to do is attach a loop of string at the top to attach it to your tree.

How will your little one make their mark? Let you child’s creativity run wild with a variety of additional craft materials, from paint to other natural decorations such as leaves, to personalise their twig tree.

Orange Peel Garland

The clementine is a classic Christmas fruit – but make sure to keep hold of the peels after you’ve finished eating them!

Pop the peels onto a piece of kitchen towel next to the radiator, to dry out for half an hour. Once the peel has dried give them to your little one along with utensils such as biscuit cutters or playdough tools, or if they are old enough you can provide them with child safety scissors to create their own festive shapes. Discuss the shapes they are creating to encourage their recognition and vocabulary during the activity. Once all the shapes have been created, use a pencil to create a hole at the top of each shape and thread a piece of string through them all to create your garland.

How will your little one make their mark? You don’t have to stop with oranges. Why not carry out a fruit sampling session with your child to try different citrus fruits such as lemon, limes, grape fruit and more to have a variety of scented and coloured peels on your garland?

Leaf Wreath

Another great reason to get outside this season with your little one is to collect a variety of fallen leaves. The more the merrier! Try to find as many different shapes, sizes and colours. Discuss them with your child as you pop them in your bag to take home and dry out.

To create the base of the wreath, cut a ring from either paper, cardboard, newspaper, an old cereal box or any other recyclable materials you have spare. Then simply sit back and allow your little one to decorate their wreath with leaves and glue. Once complete, allow to dry and attach a loop of string to hang your wreath.

How will your little one make their mark? Provide your little one with a variety of additional craft materials, such as paint, feathers, acorns or pencils, to add their personal flare to their leaf wreath.

We would love to see your creations! Snap a photo of your little one with their decoration and tag @KiddiCaru and #ChristmasCrafts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For every entry sent to us before Christmas Eve (Tuesday 24th December), we at Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group will donate £5 to HomeStart UK.