Kiddi Caru Day Nursery in Redhill celebrates their ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating

4 Oct 2023

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery in Redhill celebrates their ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating

The team at Kiddi Caru Day Nursery in Redhill are delighted to announce that they have received a ‘Good’ grading in their recent Ofsted inspection, with some ‘Outstanding’ elements in the Behaviour & Attitudes category.

The nursery was thrilled by the comments from the inspector in their report. Here are some they would like to share with you…

  • The nursery teaches children how to be independent by helping them with activities such as eating with cutlery, serving themselves at lunchtime, putting on their aprons before art and craft activities and wiping their own noses by saying short instructions and modelling how to do it. Nursery staff help children master tasks by themselves and their independence skills are consistently supported. In the report this was noted as a key strength of the Kiddi Caru, Redhill nursery.
  • The children’s behaviour is exceptional at nursery! They understand what is acceptable, they listen intently at group time and thoroughly enjoy interactive stories. They know when to put their hands up if they want to ask questions, and positively respond to requests from the staff. The nursery children already understand their feelings, can explain how they feel to staff and peers, and can see how their actions affect others. This is achieved by using stones with emotions drawn on them to explain their surprise, happy and sad facial expressions.
  • The manager is effective, and her team engage parents in their child’s learning. The parent partnerships are well established, and parents say how impressed they are with the ‘wonderful’ staff team. Parents feel comfortable leaving their children at nursery, secure in the knowledge that they are kept safe.

Want to read more? You can find the full report here.

Tara Coulson, Nursery Manager, says…

“We are pleased that the inspector recognised the love and care that was woven into our daily practice, creating a flourishing environment for all. We feel that the inspection has really captured the Kidd Caru, Redhill spirit. We all extremely honoured to work within such a passionate, caring and committed team! We feel that our Ofsted report is testament to how hard our teamwork, and this shines through in our report.”

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