Easy Spring Scavenger Hunt Activity

16 Mar 2024

Easy Spring Scavenger Hunt Activity

We’ve put together a super easy and low cost spring themed activity for you to try at home with your little one.

This activity is a great way to inspire your family to spend more time outdoors! It’s also an ideal learning opportunity as you can teach your little one about the changing seasons and lifecycles of different aspects of mother nature.

We hope you enjoy the activity!

What you’ll need:

  • Empty egg carton to upcycle!
  • Paint / coloured pens
  • Natural objects / coloured objects

The method:

Take your empty egg carton and paint (or colour in) the circles with the colours you would like to use. These will be used as a target, to find objects in these colours. (We chose yellow, green, white, brown and grey and purple as the most challenging colour!)

Once your paint has dried, you now have your upcycled carton to use for the activity!

The activity:

You can do this activity indoors or outdoors, with any theme you like. You can even save this for activities all year, with changing themes!

You can set the objective for finding small objects around the house and placing them into the carton following the segmented colours, such as craft items.

Or, it’s also perfect to use for a nature hunt! Bring along your carton to a woodland area, park or outside space and look for objects in your set colours. How many can you find for each?

*Tip* Try your best not to pick fresh flowers or plants during this activity, so that everyone can enjoy their beauty! Find objects that have already bloomed or that are coming to the end of their life(fallen leaves, wilted flowers, stray petals, already broken stems etc).

Make sure to send us any photographs of your creations or tag us on social media @grandiruk – we would love to see how you and your little one get on.

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