Dicky Birds Surbiton, Claremont Road: Sow and Grow

12 May 2022

Dicky Birds Surbiton, Claremont Road:  Sow and Grow

The little ones at Dicky Birds Claremont Road have been embedding the Sow and Grow programme into their day to day activities by heading outside and re-potting some spider plants into bigger pots! Ensuring the plant has the right sized pot to grow and flourish, which is a great learning opportunity for the children.. They can’t wait to see how big the spider plant grows!

Our Sow & Grow programme intends to be as eco-friendly as possible, so please try and use recycled materials and avoid ‘one use plastic’ items. Ask parents and friends for garden equipment they no longer use and see how eco you can go! Gardening with children is a fantastic learning experience and one which allows the development of a whole set of new skills. Gardening activities can provide hours of fun and introduce moments of awe and wonder for children. Learn more here.

Children can watch plants growing from seeds and notice how fruits and vegetables increase in size as they learn how to feed and nurture them.

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