Our People: Chelsea, Room Leader

7 Aug 2023

Our People: Chelsea, Room Leader

At Grandir UK, we are proud to have nursery teams of authentic and committed employees, whose friendly faces work as one to create a stimulating, nurturing environment where children mentally and physically thrive every day.

This month, we are excited to revisit Chelsea Hawker’s career journey that has evolved immensely since the last time we spoke to her earlier this year.

We took the time to discuss Chelsea’s professional journey since joining Grandir UK after some fantastic growth over the last few months which includes achieving a Level 3 Certificate for SENCO in Early Years.

Chelsea joined Grandir UK in December 2019, starting at Little Acorns in the nursery kitchen. She started her career journey with studying for her Level 3 Apprenticeship, qualifying in May 2022.

Read on to learn more about how Chelsea’s career has evolved.


What is your job?

“I am a Room Leader and now a part of the nursery SENCO team.”

What is a typical day like in your role now as a Room Leader?

“My day now includes more responsibility, with the consideration of my team’s wellbeing. I enjoy looking at ways to make improvements to my room and being able to check in with my colleagues to see what works best for each of us as a team.”

What attracted you to working in early years?

“Playing a key role in helping children to develop throughout their first, most crucial years of life.”

What was your ambition when you joined the early years sector?

“Initially it was to complete my Level 3 qualification and now I am striving to continue to progress and push my professional development.”

What is the best thing about being a leader in the early years sector at Grandir UK?

“Bringing a team together and being able to encourage others to be the best they can be. I also love the process of building and maintaining positive relationships with families and fellow practitioners at nursery.”

How has Grandir UK supported you with your development and career progression?

“Grandir UK has offered various types of training and I receive constant support from my manager as and when I need it, which is amazing.”

What career benefits are there working for Grandir UK?

“Grandir UK offers a great in-house training programme(s), providing all different types of learning depending on the level you are currently working at the nursery. I personally find these courses to be extremely beneficial to help evolve my career even further. I wish to continue to push forward in my career and with the benefit of Grandir UK offering great training, I will be able to do so!”

How does it feel to have achieved your Level 3 Certificate for SENCO in Early Years? What does this mean for your career now?

“Having the resources available to me to complete a qualification that I have always wanted to do, I feel very proud of my achievement. I would like to eventually work with children who have additional needs in less affluent areas of our city. This achievement is going to help me be able to fulfil this dream. I am excited to continue to push on in my career and provide the best possible future for the children I care for.”


We spoke with Mia Johnson, Nursery Manager at Little Acorns who commented: “We are extremely proud of Chelsea who has strived to gain new skills in such an incredible time frame! She has a real passion for wanting to help shape children’s futures.”

We are thankful to each of our nursery teams for their care, support, and hard work every day.

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