Kiddi Caru Bedford: British Science Week

24 Mar 2022

Kiddi Caru Bedford: British Science Week

Kiddi Caru in Bedford were extremely busy getting involved with the Innovate and Investigate programme for British Science Week last week!

The children took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and used this as an opportunity to explore bubbles, how they are formed and the impact that they can have on them. The children enjoyed mixing up the bubbly water and watching the different sized bubbles form. They have also explored ‘goop’, and the little ones were fascinated by how the material reacts to the warm palm of the hand, scooping up a solid mixture, to have it melt in front of their eyes!

The children also made their own ‘playdough’ with the focus being on how materials can change when other materials are added, they enjoyed measuring out the flour and salt and were able to identify the state using vocabulary such as ‘sticky’, ‘tough’, and ‘hard.

What is Innovate and Investigate?

As part of Foundations for the Future, we have developed a range of bespoke educational programmes that fit within the EYFS framework and are designed to be accessible, flexible and fun!
The Innovate and Investigate Programme focusses on STEM activities and experiences: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics . The purpose of this programme is to engage children aged 2 – 5 years old in a range of activities that provide STEM opportunities.
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Whilst all children’s learning is interlinked, each programme focusses on a pillar of learning as and forms part of the wider 2-5s curriculum.
As well as the continued focus of the educational development under the statutory seven areas of Learning, Foundations for the Future has a key focus on empowering our children to become environmentally aware and responsible influencers, encouraging them to become active and resilience motivators, inspiring them to become innovative and curious explorers and nurturing them to become confident and effective communicators.
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