New Education Curriculum

11 Sep 2021

New Education Curriculum

Kiddi Caru and Dicky Birds Day Nurseries and Preschools have been working on a new education curriculum. Foundations for the Future is aimed at 2-year-olds and children progressing towards school.

What is Foundations for the Future?

As well as the continued focus of the educational development under the statutory seven areas of learning, Foundations for the Future has a key focus on:
  • Empowering children to become environmentally aware and responsible influencers
  • Encouraging them to become active and resilience motivators
  • Inspiring them to become innovative and curious explorers
  • Nurturing them to become confident and effective communicators

Who delivers the curriculum?

Behind every programme, is an extensive training schedule for our Nursery Practitioners, along with a pathway of excellence in delivering the full curriculum to the children in our care.

Future Developments

In addition to Foundations for the Future, we are creating a Pathway to Foundations for the Future for our under 2 year old children.

Lifelong Learners

Foundations for the Future and Pathway to Foundations for the Future, will inspire lifelong learning in every child. Find out more

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