The Benefits of Apprenticeships

6 Feb 2024

The Benefits of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a great way to start your career, providing you with the opportunity to earn while you learn, whilst gaining invaluable skills and work experience.

At Grandir UK, our apprenticeships offer first-hand experience of nursery life working alongside some of the best in the industry who will support you to develop the skills and knowledge to play a key role in the success of one of our nurseries.

What are the benefits of pursuing an apprenticeship? Read on to learn more.


Practical hands-on experience

You will get hands-on experience, to dive straight into the world of working while you’re learning. You will get to apply theory to real world scenarios which will help to craft a strong understanding of your chosen profession.


Guidance and support

You will be paired with mentors as a personal guide. These mentors can bring insights and advice that other studies such as University simply cannot match, which can elevate your learning journey further.


Earn while you learn

You’re not just learning, you’re earning a salary along the way! Helping to make your transition into the workplace smoother and more financially sustainable.


Building relationships and contacts

As you will be working in a business environment, you will get the chance to meet lots of different people and build a rapport with them throughout your studies. Forging relationships which will inevitably be beneficial to your future.


Job offers

If you work hard in your apprenticeship, you will be offered the opportunity and support to apply for a full-time role once you complete your qualification.


Why work in early years?

We spoke to Karen Derbyshire, Operations Director for Early Years and Education at Realise, Grandir UK’s principle training provider:

“In the early years sector, we have the unique privilege of shaping the minds of our youngest learners. It’s a calling centred on nurturing development, building foundations, creating bonds, and making a positive, lasting impact. It’s not just a job; it’s a truly fulfilling and rewarding vocation. “

“Amidst government initiatives and evolving guidelines, the early years sector is experiencing rapid expansion. There has never been a more opportune time to join and progress in this field, and apprenticeships offer a wonderful avenue for doing so. They provide the chance to earn while you learn, acquire real-world and much sought after skills and experience; and attain a recognised qualification tailored to the evolving needs of this sector. Moreover, we proudly collaborate with esteemed employers like Grandir UK, ensuring that your apprenticeship experience is with credible, forward-thinking, and passionate employers.”

“My personal journey reflects the transformative power of apprenticeships. Starting as a level 2 apprentice in a day nursery, I climbed the ranks to become Operations Director for Early Years and Education at Realise. This first-hand experience has allowed me to witness the unique benefits of this fantastic career path.”


Why choose an apprenticeship with Grandir UK?

At Grandir UK, we tailor apprenticeships to the needs of the individual to ensure the best experience possible.

During your time with us, you’ll receive plenty of support and guidance from your appointed nursery mentor and fellow practitioners, many of whom will have also completed an apprenticeship.

Your appointed trainer from Realise will meet with you regularly to check in with you and see if your individual needs are being met. Additionally, specialist support is available for those undertaking Functional Skills as part of their apprenticeship.


Feel like an apprenticeship is right for you? Join our family today!

For more information on our apprenticeships and to apply, please see the apprenticeships page on our website.

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