Q&A with Laura, Deputy Manager

18 Dec 2023

Q&A with Laura, Deputy Manager

We recently caught up with Laura, Deputy Manager at our Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Preschool in Burgess Hill.

At Grandir UK, we believe that a career in early years is one of the most important and rewarding careers you can build. The earliest years of a child’s life can be transformative and builds the foundations not just for school, but for the rest of their life.

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Read on for our Q&A with Laura Flannigan:


What inspired you to work in early years?

“I knew I never wanted to do anything else!”


When did you start your journey with us?

“I started in 2005 in Plymouth.  I originally applied for a Bank staff position during the summer.  I was offered a full-time practitioner role and never looked back.  I worked my way up to a Room Leader and a Team Leader before transferring to the southeast.  I then progressed to a Third in Charge to a Deputy Manager, and I am now currently acting as Nursery Manager.”


What do you really enjoy about your role?

“Seeing the children smile with pride when they achieve a new milestone, big or small, for the first time. Making a difference in our families lives each day in a variety of different ways is amazing.”


What is a typical day like in your role?

“I open the nursery and set out the rooms ready for the children’s arrival.  I check the emails and take any early morning messages from staff or families. I make myself available at drop off time for conversations, questions and queries the our families may have.  I do occasionally start in the rooms, welcoming the children as they come in also. I plan and hold meetings, carry out supervisions, and cover some busier periods of the day where it is necessary. No two days are ever the same!”


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“When a child leaves for school ready, and you know they are capable to thrive.”


Do you have any advice to anyone thinking of starting a career in childcare?

“Do it! Be prepared for tiring days, keep up to date with all the changes and have a willingness to learn.”


What career benefits are there in working for Grandir UK?

“I believe my career so far shows how you can progress with Grandir UK, they have supported my development by enabling me to achieve a higher qualification.  They offer Ignite training and Leap training in house to help teams to learn and develop further in their careers.”


What career ambitions do you still wish to fulfil?

“To support other settings more as a Regional Support Manager.”


What are you planning on doing for your wellbeing day?

“I am hopefully moving house; I am planning to go out for a couple of celebratory drinks and a nice meal after with family and friends.”


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