Our People: Meet Matilda, Nursery Apprentice

27 Jun 2023

Our People: Meet Matilda, Nursery Apprentice

At Grandir UK, we are proud to have nursery teams of authentic and committed employees, whose friendly faces work as one to create a stimulating, nurturing environment where children mentally and physically thrive every day.

This month, we would like to shine a light on Nursery Apprentice Matilda at our Kiddi Caru Abington Grove nursery in Northampton, after winning an amazing ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award with our training provider Realise earlier this year.

We took the time to discuss why Matilda decided to work in early years and how her apprenticeship is going. Read on to learn more.

What inspired you to work in early years? Why did you start your apprenticeship?

“I was inspired to start my career in childcare from a young age, after having experience in looking after my nieces and nephews, I knew it was something I wanted to get into.”

When did you start your journey at Kiddi Caru Abington Grove?

“I only recently started my apprenticeship journey at Kiddi Caru Abington Grove in January 2023, after leaving college.”

What do you really enjoy about your role?

“I enjoy seeing the children happy and enthusiastic about being at nursery. Knowing that I am playing a part in providing a positive impact to the little one’s nursery experiences makes the hard work each day worth it.”

What is a typical day like in your role?

“My role is very similar to the other qualified Nursery Practitioners that I work alongside. However, with working as an apprentice, I am learning as I work in a very hands-on setting, helping me to gain real experience as I go while also taking the time to study in between towards my qualification.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“It is so rewarding to watch the children gain attachments to me as a practitioner. I love helping them to learn and grow into becoming their own little person and teaching them the essential life skills from a young age, as this will help them to thrive throughout their early years.”

Do you have any advice to anyone thinking of starting a career in childcare?

“Try to have some confidence in yourself as well as patience when you first start out, this will help allow you to fully immerse yourself in the role as it is very hands-on and requires dedication. With working as an apprentice, it is important to understand that learning is a process, the knowledge you are putting into practice through study will help to shape your skills more effectively. Allowing yourself that room for growth will benefit you massively as you journey through your career. It can be tough, but the rewarding and inspiring feeling at the end of each day is worth it, knowing that you are helping to shape the futures of the children in your care!”

How do you feel about winning the ‘Grandir UK Apprentice of the Year’ award with Realise training?

“I still feel very surprised, since I had only started working in the childcare industry and working in this role as an apprentice for a month prior to winning! But I am also proud of myself and thankful for my colleagues and trainer for supporting me at every step in my journey so far.”

This award is such an achievement for apprentice Matilda at such an early stage in her career, congratulations! We wish you all the best throughout your apprenticeship and future in childcare. We are thankful to each of our nursery teams for their care, support, and hard work every day.

If you believe in yourself, anything I possible! Feeling inspired? You could be a part of an encouraging environment like ours at Kiddi Caru Abington Grove, follow the links below to find out more about working with us:

Feeling inspired? You could be a part of an environment like this, follow the links below to find out more: