Starting School Books for Children

10 Aug 2023

Starting School Books for Children

Is your little one starting ‘big’ school soon? If so, we know that this can be both an exciting and overwhelming prospect for both parent and child. With a little preparation however, you can easily help relieve any worries your child may have and get them ready for their next big chapter.

A great way to help familiarise your little one with starting school from preschool is to read them a book about it! This can help them deal with the change to their routine, and can even get them excited to start their first day.

We’ve put together our top three book recommendations to help your child get ready for their first day at school.

Chu’s First Day at School by Neil Gaiman & Adam Rex

Chu is a little panda with a BIG sneeze, and when his first day at school approaches he is nervous. Will the other boys and girls be nice? Will they like Chu? What if he has to sneeze? A fabulously warm and funny story about little Chu and his enormous sneeze!

Starting School by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

If you can’t wait to start school, or are feeling a little nervous, this is the perfect book for you.

Full of humour and fun, this reassuring read will help children and parents get ready for the first day of school, and find out what to expect from the rest of their first term.

The Colour Monster Goes to School by Anna Llenas

Follow The Colour Monster on a brand new adventure, as he navigates his way through his first day at school! Anna Llenas’s popular Colour Monster is back, and this time he’s heading off to school! But what exactly is school? A spooky castle filled with terrifying animals? A place in the sky, amongst the rainbows and clouds? From music lessons, to lunchtime, to making new friends, the Colour Monster’s first day of school is filled with exciting new adventures.

We hope our book recommendations will help to build excitement and prepare your little one for their first day at school.

We are here to support you.

  • Check out our blog where you can find our tips and some downloadable checklists: Starting School: Tips for Parents
  • Never hesitate to ask our nursery teams any starting school transition questions you may have, we are here to support you. Your Nursery Manager will be happy to help assist you with any queries or concerns.

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