Kiddi Caru Bedford Meet Fara

24 Aug 2021

Kiddi Caru Bedford Meet Fara

Children at nursery meet Fara

Meet Fara!

The children at Kiddi Caru Bedford had a great time meeting Fara, a little girl who has been an inspiration to us all. After recently having been fitted with a prosthesis, Fara couldn’t wait to come to nursery and show her friends. She also brought along a book which the hospital had given to her to explain the process. Fara shared the story with her friends and this prompted lots of conversations and activities, all child initiated.

The children wanted to make a book about Fara to document her journey and they enjoyed drawing their own pictures and with the adults help, scribing their feelings and thoughts. The children also enjoyed comparing their arms and they took it in turns to measure each other’s arms. They really enjoyed getting to know Fara and her journey and are just as fascinated and as proud of Fara’s arm as she is herself.

This really helped the children gain a better understanding of how Fara’s experiences have impacted on her. But also how she hasn’t let anything stand in the way of what she wants to and will continue to achieve, she is very independent and is never deterred by anything.

Thank you Fara for a wonderful afternoon and for sharing your story with us.

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