The Benefits of Outdoor Play

23 Sep 2023

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Regular outside play has so many health benefits for your little one. Read on to find out the top 5 benefits that outdoor play offers to young children.

1. It Aids Better Sleep

Parents that have been battling to get their little ones to sleep through the night will be pleased to know that fresh air and sunshine, as well as the addition of exercise, makes babies and toddlers sleep better, according to research.

2. It’s Educational

Babies and toddlers learn through their five senses. The outdoors provides a multi-sensory place to play and have new experiences with unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells and things to touch.

The great thing about nature is that it is always changing too, forever giving little ones something new to explore and learn.

3. It Helps Develop Motor Skills

Babies, toddlers and young children are learning to use all parts of their body in new and exciting ways. From walking, to jumping and pincer grips. The outdoors gives multiple opportunities for children to develop their gross and fine motor skills with a whole new range of textures and environments that present new challenges that test their abilities.

4. It’s Healthy

Being outside allows children to become more physically active, as  wide open spaces encourage them to run, jump, roll and crawl their way through different  areas. There are also other health benefits such as Vitamin D exposure. Too many children are deficient in this vital vitamin that aids growth, so by adding more outside time to their weekly routine you are helping them get the nutrients they need to thrive and develop.

5. It Encourages Environmental Awareness

Giving children the opportunity to explore nature will help them grow up to become more environmentally aware. This can have a knock-on effect in other aspects of their life such as being more conscious of energy consumption,  ensuring they dispose of litter and recycle responsibly.

Outdoor learning doesn’t need to be an expensive activity, there are plenty of free activities and objects already outside in nature that you can utilise for play with your little one. We’ve put together some Autumn Activities for Children which includes a fun Scavenger Hunt Checklist that you can download and complete with your family. Check it out here.

Our Sow and Grow Programme

At our nurseries, we incorporate our Sow and Grow programme into the everyday lives of our children. Sow and Grow forms part of our Foundations for the Future 2-5s programme, supporting the four pillars of learning that empowers our children to become environmentally aware and responsible.

Getting outside in nature with children is a fantastic learning experience and one which allows the development of a whole set of new skills. Gardening activities for example can provide hours of fun and introduce moments of awe and wonder for children.

Check out our Sow and Grow programme and read more on why gardening is beneficial for children.

At our nurseries, we have exceptional outdoor spaces and fully encourage little ones to spend time outside, want to see for yourself? Find the perfect nursery or preschool place and book a visit at your local day nursery today.

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