Celebrating Make A Difference Week with Dicky Birds Nursery on Pepys Rd!

28 Jun 2024

Celebrating Make A Difference Week with Dicky Birds Nursery on Pepys Rd!

Dicky Birds nursery and preschool on Pepys Road in Raynes Park, London are celebrating Make A Difference week this week, which has taken place between Monday 24th and Friday 28th June in 2024.

The nursery has worked with their children, their staff team, parents, and individuals and partners in the local area to partake in tasks that have really made a difference within their local communities.

Nursery children at library reading books.

What is Make A Difference Week?

Make a Difference Week is a week dedicated to making a difference in your workplace, local area, school, organisation and wherever you can!

It encourages all people and individuals to make changes and partake in endeavours, either big or small, to make a difference in the lives of others; whether this by volunteering in your local communities, or donating to a charity to support issues like mental health, any type of activity can inspire a change!

Bake goods at outdoor bake sale.

Why is this important to the Dicky Bird Nurseries?

“Making a difference week, and the sentiment behind it, is something rather special for us at Dicky Birds” says Taspia Chowdhury, nursery manager at Dicky Birds, Pepys Road in Raynes Park, London.

“Being able to support our communities by holding mini events to raise awareness for actions that support sustainability, kindness, health and mental health is a great way to demonstrate acts of kindness to our children and employees.

“We hope actions like this will spark innovation within our children which they can build upon as the grow into adults and influence the world around them.”

What are Dicky Birds doing to celebrate?

From litter picking to bicycle and scooter wash, many of the Dicky Birds nurseries are taking part in activities to help contribute to their local community.

The nurseries’ goal is to help support a healthy lifestyle and good mental health by raising awareness of, and demonstrating, exercise activities and spreading awareness of the importance of looking after our belongings.

The Dicky Birds, Pepys Road nursery has done a whole week of planned activities, the full line up includes:

  • Monday 24th June: The children visited the library to do a signing session, showing people how singing can improve individuals spirits and mental health.
  • Tuesday 25th June: The preschool children supported their area by litter picking in their local communities. This included a talk about the importance of recycling and why volunteering can make a huge impact to the environment.
  • Wednesday 26th June: The nursery held a bike and scooter wash for over 2 year olds, to demonstrate why it’s important to look after our belongings and resources that can support exercise and mental health.
  • Thursday 27th June: They held a local bake sale to raise money for the Don’s Local Action charity to give back to an organisation which has greatly supported the Dicky Birds nursery team at Pepys Road.
  • Friday 28th June: The nursery held a sports event for their nursery and preschool children, which their parents attended to watch how effect exercise can be, not only for the benefit of children’s mental health, but how it also contributes to their nursery culture.

What’s been the children’s favourite activities so far?

Throughout Make A Difference Week, the nursery children and staff have made a ton of progress towards their activities, sparking innovation within their local communities.

“Their favourite activity they’ve done so far has been baking for our charity bake sale,” comments Taspia.

“The children have loved putting all the ingredients together to make something really special for their bake sale to share with people in their local area. This activity is a great example of the types of tasks we do here at the Dicky Birds nurseries and preschools.”

This project in particular has engage both the children and staff, and has helped children think more creatively, sparking innovation in their day to day tasks.

This has shown to be a fun way to celebrate make a difference week!

Preschool child mixing ingredients inside nursery.

Support for their local charity

The nursery will donate all the money they make from their bake sale from Thursday to the network of volunteers in Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston, Don’s Local Action charity.

Don’s Local Action charity are a local network of volunteers which was initially formed in response to the COVID-19 crisis, but has now become permanent across Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston.

They aim to help those in the local community fight poverty and offer support. They provide food parcels, household goods, furniture and appliances to those in need.

“This charity has gone above and beyond to support one of our staff members,” comments Taspia.

“One member of staff’s partner was paralyzed after giving birth. This person needed to take care of his new born baby, visit the hospital for months, while facing a life changing incident. With no friends or family who lived close by, the lack of support was a massive challenge for him.

“This charity gave the staff member food for himself and milk for his little girl. They also dropped the food to his house as he didn’t have the time to go and collect it.

“This was a massive help to him in his time in need and is something he will always be extremely grateful for, which is why we are supporting this charity so they can continue to provide resources to people in need and make a positive impact in our local area.”

Nursery staff team, nursery children and parents outside nursery.

See the awe and wonder of a Dicky Birds nursery and preschool!

All of our Dicky Birds nurseries and preschools have launched many endeavours to contribute to Make a Difference week, embedding changes to incorporate mental health within nursery culture, and supporting both the environment and different organisations.

For more information on our leading Dicky Birds Nursery & Preschool on Pepys Road in Raynes Park, see their nursery page on the Grandir UK web browser, or contact a member of our friendly Parent Engagement team on the phone number 0800 028 4500.

Join us for our Seasonal Open Day on the date: 21st September 2024 from 9am to 1pm! Explore everything our nursery has to offer, meet our friendly staff teams and give your child the very best start to life! Remember to book your slot on our website.

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